Monday, February 23, 2009

Updates and things.

1.) Magnetoship observations:

  • It was actually fun!
  • There were dynamics of the game that I didn't account for. I didn't realize how likely the magnets were to stick to each other as they fell.
  • Flaw: Magnets would stick to each other through the board.
  • Flaw: Pulling some pins would result in the player's own magnets falling.
  • Flaw: Sharp objects not good around some people.
2.) "Dreamy Dungeon Adventure"

Players elect a judge.
Each player rolls 1d6. The first player to roll a 3 gets to start the game.
***Rule amended (I deleted it)***: If the second roll is a 6, that player wins.
If anyone rolls a 1, they must go left.
The judge keeps track of all players on a 20x20 grid.
Each player rolls during their turn. If they get a one, they must go left. Roll doesn't matter otherwise.

Players can: Move or shoot (if they have a bow) but not both on the same turn.

Players can't move or shoot diagonally.

You will die if: You are stuck by an arrow, you fall, or you meet the creature.

You will win if: The special creature is slain and you are the last survivor.

3.) This game didn't go to plan. It was an "off the top of my head" sort of thing. It needed some more flare, some more player orientation, and some more player backstabbyness.

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  1. Cameron,

    Your multiplayer pen and paper 'Hunt the Wumpus' was a pretty cool idea. To help player movement, it might be useful for them to draw maps of their own and compare. A map would thus allow both players to share information or refuse to cooperate. If you want players to backstab each other, then there must be a conflict over resources and players should be allowed to hide information about those resources. Perhaps treasure chests could be in the cave that contain items of varying value. Otherwise, there is nothing to fight over, no reason to cooperate, and thus no reason for alliances to form - everyone is already out for themselves. How do you expect the map's design affected play?

    Devin Monnens