Monday, February 23, 2009

Cards of The Trade.

1.) Players decide who goes first.

2.) Current player rips off a corner of their card (containing a numerical value) and places it face down in the middle of the table. This is called "The Bid."

3.) Each player places one of their ripped corners face down on the table, trying to get their number closest to the bid.

4.) All players flip their corners.

5.) Should any player match the bid exactly, they win the bid. Should more than one player match the bid exactly, the current player gets all corners that match the bid.

6.) If no corners match the bid, the bid goes to the player who was closest to the bid without going over. If all players went over, no one wins and all cards are sent back to their owners.

7.) All unused corners go back to their respective owners.

8.) Should a player run out of corners, they are out.

9.) Once a player has all of one type of corner, they win. (EX: If three players are playing, a player could win if they had three '100' corners.)


  1. Pretty fun game but it would me nice to have a way to hide the tears. Partially cut out or easy tear stuff. It was a game where you benefitted from paying attention and we failed at that.

  2. The concept was fun! You had to use your brain to try to trick people into putting down the bid you were, or think about what they might do personally. It would, as Karl said, be better if there was a way to hide what you bid with.

    Maybe if this game wasn't a business card one, you could use like little tokens with numbers on the bottom.

  3. Cameron,

    Sorry I didn't see your game. Using corners is a good use of the card, though the front should allow readability even if all four corners were torn off. You could use an exacto knife to create perforations in the corners to allow for easier tearing, but I don't know of any automated process. And of course as Kate said, the game could be designed using other materials.

    Devin Monnens

  4. I think the idea of the game is great, and if played with a different group of people would show a lot of potential. The problem for us as Karl said, was that it is a game where you need to pay attention and really think about what the other players are placing, which we are not good at!

    I think that there shouldn't be a way to hide what you are bidding, just that players have to pay attention to play well.