Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Housing Bubble Financial Crisis 2008: The Board Game

1.) Players roll 1d4 to determine who goes first.

2.) Players start on Level 1 (aka 2005). Players go around the circle until they have two properties.

2.5.) When players land on a space, they draw either a LR, MR, or HR card based on what the space tells them.

3.) When players have two properties, they advance to 2006 (aka Level 2).

4.) When players get to the split, they choose the path that they want to take.

HR = High Risk. This path has much reward, but also much chance for failure and debt.

MR = Medium Risk. This path is balanced. Money is based off your play style.

LR = Low Risk. This path will put out a reliable amount of money with little loans, but not much of it.

5.) If players land on a square marked with green, they must draw a 'Socialist card' and do what it says.

6.) Once a player reaches 'CRISIS,' the game ends. The player with the least amount of loans wins at the end. If a player has no loans, their score is determined by the value of their assets.


  1. This game has a ton of potential! I definitely want to play the revised edition!

  2. Cameron,

    I agree with Kate, even though I haven't seen the game! Do you have some examples of the Socialist cards?

    A game like this about the financial crisis has a great potential to not only explore the reasons behind the crisis but to also comment on it. Your game can be treated as a 'rhetorical game' if you keep this in mind. What is the message you want to communicate about the crisis? The outcomes of your game will reinforce the message you try to make. Success or failure in this game will be determined by who makes the rules and who plays by them.

    Current analysis shows that the crisis was caused by scams where AIG would rate bad loans as AAA (they owned the supposedly respected rating group). The bad loans would then be sold to banks and then home buyers. Finally, the interest was sold to banks in Europe, so the rest of the world got screwed, too. Now the government is buying back the crappy loans and giving money to the people who screwed us in the first place! The reason the government is doing this is apparently because things will be a lot worse if we don't, though ultimately it doesn't look like anybody is being punished for it. There's a nice overview of this on the Daily Show with a Joe Nicera interview:

    You can keep this in mind and revise your game for the next challenge.

    Devin Monnens

  3. Hey, Cameron! I liked the revision, too! I do still kinda thing it's a little bit tilted in the favor of the High Risk, but the change in what die you roll for what path is good, and the cards are fun!
    I think maybe, as a future addition, you could have paths half-way down the choice paths that connect them so a low risk could upgrade to a medium risk if he wanted, later.

  4. This game was really fun! We ended up playing it both Monday and Wednesday!

    I really liked how the game played out, although I think there might have to be more problems for the high risk players. You have a lot of draws on that track as it is, but it seemed like I would miss every single one of them and never really have a bad thing happen to me.