Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dots: Maze style


- Draw a 20x20 grid of dots on a paper. Draw a solid line around the edges.


1.) Players place their tokens on the board, wherever they want to start.

2.) At the start of each player's turn, they move their token one space. Players cannot move diagonally.

3.) After they have moved their token, the player draws a line between two dots.

4.) If a complete box is drawn, the player places the initial of their first name in it to keep track of how many boxes they've completed.


1.) You can't move through a line.

2.) No more than two lines can be drawn from a single dot PER ROUND (that means all players).

3.) If you get boxed in, you lose.

How to win:

1.) Be the only player not to be boxed in.

2.) If all players make it to the end of the game, the player with the most boxes wins.


  1. It was a pretty solid game. It did a great job at taking a basic game concept that already exists and making it more enjoyable. The only issue that I saw was that since you had a small grid it was hard to fit the pieces on nicely. That's easily fixable.

  2. Cameron,

    Nice modification of an existing game. At first it was a little bit difficult to understand how the game is played - you should probably include a diagram in your instructions to illustrate how lines are drawn and how movement is done.

    Remember to record your observations of play to recommend changes. Did you notice any patterns in how the game was played? Was the problem related to a small grid size or something else?

    Also - you should be able to print out a grid of dots or use dry erase plastic and magic marker for a more durable, reusable game (or at least one easier to set up).


  3. All you people gang up on me!! Why why why?!?!

    Was a fun game none the less, I like the idea of scoring when you make a box, so even if you end up dying you still have a chance to win because of the higher score.

    Going back to what Karl said, it was very hard to fit the pieces on such a small grid. That of course can be changed quite easily and did not detract from the enjoyment of the game.