Sunday, April 5, 2009

Updated game!

Housing Bubble Financial Crisis 2008: The Board Game revisions:

Added "risk" cards that make each path have appropriate risk. Most cards disrupt the player (or all players), but some can help, so it's not all bad.

Changed the dice to the following: 1d4 High risk, 1d6 Medium and Low risk.

The game still has some balance issues after these revisions. It's mostly fun, but with balance and added length, it will become playable.


  1. Cameron,

    Regarding balance issues, have you also tried tracking the kind and number of moves made each turn? Also, creating tables of possible outcomes to see what the end values are. This kind of detailed analysis is scientific and can tell you quite a bit.

    -Devin Monnens

  2. The rebalance was fun! I still think it'd be good to connect the High, Medium, and Low Risk maps every few squares, so you can upgrade or downgrade if you want.