Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Revised Fat.

- Removed the D2

- Increased the number of -fat squares.

- All squares having ANYTHING (even fat transfers) to do with fat will result in one die size being gained / lost unless the square says otherwise.

New rules for saving throws:

1-7: Death
8-14: Survival. The player can choose to roll their standard die, or wait this round and get to go up to 1d6 next round
15+: The player gets to move the number on the d20
If the player rolls a natural 19 or 20: Lose fatness. Go up to 1d8

1 comment:

  1. Cameron,

    Good to see you making modifications. How did players react to your game now versus the original testing?

    How does the death system work? If a player dies, are they out of the game completely? Can they create a new character and start again? If all other players die, is the last one standing an automatic winner, or does he have to finish the game? Likewise, is the first person to win the game the game's winner? How long players remain involved in the game can affect how players interact with each other and their overall feelings towards it.

    -Devin Monnens