Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Slam Pong!

This is a revision of one of my GDD 110 games.

Player 1 controls:
w - Up
s - Power Slam!
x - Down

Player 2 controls:

num 8 - Up
num 5 - Power Slam!
num 2 - Down

As the players hit the pong ball back and fourth, it builds up power and turns red (the animation advances a frame from green until it's red). Once it's red, the players can power slam the ball, accelerating it dramatically.

All the standard pong rules apply. Two paddles. The ball accelerates every time it is hit.

To power slam, a player must have the ball coming towards them. The INSTANT it hits the paddle, they press their slam key to launch it with great force.

1 comment:

  1. Cameron,

    Your concept reminds me of this Retro Sabotage:

    Adding power-ups to the speed adds an extra bit of strategy to this classic game. Have you implemented visual effects?

    -Devin Monnens