Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Uno Hold'em

Uno Hold'em.

Players are dealt eight cards.

Three cards are laid down face up.

From the first card, players play numbers in order until they reach the number on the next card, then start playing from that card.

Players can add cards to get to the next number in the order.

After the second deck has been completed, a new card is placed faced up.

If a player has no cards to play, they draw a card.

Example play:

All players are given eight cards.

The first card that is face up is 1.

The second card that is face up is 4.

Player 1 plays a 2 on the first deck.

Player 2 doesn't have a 3 to play on the first deck, so he takes a 1 and a 2 to add up to get to 3.

Player 3 now must play off of whatever the new top card is.

1 comment:

  1. Cameron,

    Interesting modification! Another good addition to the Uno project. How effective was it in the playtest?

    -Devin Monnens